Moving forward, reaching back

I am pleased to announce that on Monday I became Vice President, Global Ecommerce at PR Newswire, where I’ll be evolving the company’s online ordering systems and collaborating across product, development, user experience and strategy teams.

It’s a fascinating place right now: with nearly 60 years as the inventor of and leader in content distribution, PR Newswire has been progressing with its clients into a targeting, tracking and monitoring and workflow company, all while staying true to its roots. As information delivery becomes increasingly digital, having the right tools in place for communications professionals to distribute media is key. I’m looking forward to finding the optimal solutions for company and customers alike.

For me, this is also an intriguing moment, because it’s the first time in my career that I’ve moved back. For nearly 20 years, I’ve constantly explored new paths, more than once moving laterally out of intrigue. I’ve said it elsewhere before, but in my career, I’ve been all of the following: editor, writer, designer, blogger, manager, director, information architect, user experience consultant, marketer, strategist, business developer, and chief executive. My positions have run the gamut from education to media to consumer products to small and large agencies, from startups to 14,000-employee holding companies, with nary a linear move in more than a decade.

This week, I decided to head back into the things I know and enjoy. Back into ecommerce. Back into an in-house environment. Back into media and digital content. Back, in short, into what I do best. I couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to deepen my expertise and help lead a strong, smart organization.

Part of my mandate at PR Newswire is thought leadership for the industry, and I look forward to increased blogging and public speaking in the days ahead. Stay tuned.