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Month: April 2010

links for 2010-04-30

The geeks have inherited the earth

The geeks have inherited the earth, originally uploaded by netwert.

Steve Jobs of Apple makes a public stand against Flash, which has become the lead story on

Think about that: the head of a mobile phone manufacturer (responsible for just 16% of the smartphone market, which in istelf is 18% of the mobile phone market–roughly 3% of all phones) put in writing the company’s disinclination to use a piece of software from another company. And it’s front-page news on the Wall Street Journal, America’s final word on what matters in business.

links for 2010-04-26

  • "I wonder if when we look back at this month of iPad if we'll think what an amazing moment to have lived through, or if it will be like some guy with sideburns telling your dad about the reel-to-reel player in his carpeted van." It will be a nice side effect if Paul Ford's new freelance arc gets him posting on Ftrain more often

Gone fishin’

I’ll be in the Caribbean this week doing my best to stay off the grid. No out-of-office email autoresponders and voice mails, just this blog post and a much-anticipated week of nothingness. Back in a week.

links for 2010-04-06

  • I feel like if I'd had an iPad in my hands the past three days I'd have written exactly what Henry Blodget writes here. Gorgeous, fun, a bit frivolous and unnecessary, and the first firm strike in a cultural shift to new computing models
  • More amusement on the iPad hype. From Fred Wilson, who it seems wanted to like his: "I am excited to put two Velcro strips on the back of this thing and mount it to my elliptical trainer. It's perfect for that application and my blog reading and occasional posting from the elliptical will benefit mightily from the iPad." Now there's some fine ROI!
  • iPad naysayer punditry is arguably as fun as anything on the iPad itself. Choire Sicha: "I don't need a $650 SCRABBLE MACHINE. I don't even need a ZERO DOLLAR Scrabble machine. If I wanted to play Scrabble, I'd spend more time on Facebook. And if I wanted to have a gigantic iPhone that doesn't make phone calls, and basically looks like a thumbprint and hand grease analyzer, well I'm sure that SAMSUNG makes a product that suits my needs."

My thoughts on Day One of the iPad

I kid, mostly, and I still sort of want one, but I love this paragraph. From the New York Times’ first-day coverage of the iPad launch:

“I have no idea what he’ll do with it,” said Jessica Panzica, 30, waiting in line at the Apple store in downtown San Francisco for her husband, who could not pick up his iPad because he had a ham-radio class. “I’m sure he’ll use it a lot, whatever it is. He told me I’m not allowed to open it.”

I’ve been trying to write the perfect ham radio operator-cum-iPad early adopter line based on this but I think it’s already in here somewhere.

links for 2010-04-02

  • "The insula, on the other hand, was most active when prices were higher than normal, suggesting that the function of this brain area when shopping is to keep us from getting ripped off. If we're used to see the George Foreman Grill priced at $49.95, the insula generates a stab of aversive emotion when we see it listed for $59.95. That unpleasant feeling is what keeps us from placing the overpriced object in our shopping cart." This is why I balked at paying $20 over MSRP for an accessory at my local bike shop, even though I'd have been happier just owning it already

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