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  • This is a riot: the U.S. Mint is selling dollar coins at face value with free shipping, which the bonus-program wonks figured out is a great way to earn frequent flier miles. Order the coins with a mileage-program credit card, get them delivered to your door, then dump them in the bank and pay off the credit card bill. The website allows orders of up to $5,000, which is a nice bundle of bonus points essentially for free. Well, free plus figuring out how to shlep five thousand dollar coins to the bank. (The FlyerTalk thread where this originates dates to last summer but is new to me and still viable.)
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Pronounced “Baw-st’n”

As mentioned on the business end of things, I’m in Boston at the Internet Retailer Conference & Expo, culminating in my presenting at the conference Wednesday afternoon. It’s great to be back in town–with the exception of a six-hour business meeting in January, I haven’t spent any time in Beantown in nearly a decade. We took advantage tonight, eating at a local restaurant in the North End, and I have plans to see at least one old friend before I leave town.
Massachusetts always strikes a great note with me. The history, the architecture, the weather: everything is the way I like it. A lifetime of summer visits to Cape Ann (and, more recently, Martha’s Vineyard) has certainly influenced me. And even though I’m a Yankee fan in the Red Sox’s backyard, it just feels good to be here.

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