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  • "The Snapper NXT identity [underwent] an evolution of the old typography, and it's a definite improvement. But the same can't be said for the 'NXT' part as it looks exactly like what you would imagine anything called 'NXT' would look like: it's pointy, it's trendy, it looks like it could be on any kind of next-generation product. And the gradients don't help any more than they do the new turtle."
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After more than a month of neglect–and really, what’s a month or two after three years–I took advantage of Oscar night to work on my home page while the Mrs. watched the Oscars. So my home page is finally new. Whew.
In a fit of abject creativity, my new home page is, well, basically a bunch of links. But that’s sort of the point. In an age where one’s social profile extends to myriad web sites with poorly interlinked commonalities, I like the idea of having a pivot. So no more branding, as I did for more than a decade; instead, a little more me branding, or at least, me-gregation, or whatever the word would be. In due time I’ll get the utility of the interior pages of the site to more or less match, and as I play with the site design, I’ll give the new home page some much-needed design flair, too.
I also went about perusing my website archives, and I must say, long before it became a paragon of boredom I had some pretty sweet home page ideas. All hail flatbed scanners and randomizer scripts!

links for 2010-03-07

  • Ars Technica takes a pragmatic but tough stance on ad blockers, turning off the website's content entirely for users who refuse to look at ads. The freedom-fighers in the comments (and, I imagine, pro-ad-blocker folks like David Pogue) are mad, but Ars makes a good point from which they refuse to back down. "[If you won't whitelist our ads] please go get your news from a higher quality source. As it stands you're a net loss to us." Great read.
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