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Month: January 2012

I hope I was what they were looking for

According to LinkedIn, 1% of my profile views in the last 90 days came from searches–more than one!–for (marketing or product or strategy or cmo or intelligence or ceo) and management and director and not president and not sales and manager and not social and not budget and not plan and not direct and strategy and not solution and business and not product and not develop and online. (Oddly, I get no results from that link. Maybe I don’t know anyone like that.)

The year in cities, 2011

For the seventh consecutive year I’m chronicling in this space the places I visited over the past 12 months. Per the annual rules, only overnights are listed; repeat visits are denoted with an asterisk, and places visited prior to this year–all of them, it seems–get a dagger. (Hat tip to Jason Kottke, who seems to have given up on this, although I still enjoy doing it.)
New York, NY *† (home base)
Lake Buena Vista, FL †
Orlando, FL †
Livingston, NJ *†
New City, NY *†
San Diego, CA †
Boston, MA †
Palm Beach Gardens, FL †
In short, between the little guy and the hands-on nature of work this year, I really didn’t go anywhere. We’ll see if 2012 produces more exploration.

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