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Month: January 2007

The summit

I am pleased as punch to report that my hard-working, talented wife has, after six years of late nights, canceled plans, missed couriers, busted DVDs, global travel, and the occasional elephant, achieved her chief career goal: her work is appearing on the Super Bowl this Sunday.

Discretion dictates that I can’t divulge specifics until afterward, but in the meantime, check out the rest of the great work she’s done, including the Pepsi “Pinball” spot that hit network TV tonight.

Amy is humble, so I’ll do the bragging: in her fairly short career, her work has appeared in four mediums (broadcast TV, HDTV, cinema and online); aired during the Oscars, March Madness and the World Series; won industry awards; and even received an Emmy nomination. And now, at long last, thanks to the tireless efforts of a terrific creative team (and a dollop of good fortune), she has reached the pinnacle of advertising exposure. I offer my proudest congratulations and the wish of continued success.

Update: These are the spots: Three New Sierra Mist Commercials Premiere on Super Sunday (press release)

Only in New York

Amy is taking Charley for a walk. It’s finally cold outside, not the 12-degree day we had recently, but still, winter has set in.

They exit the elevator alongside a father and his young son, who also has a dog.

The boy does a double-take when he sees Charley. His eyes go wide and he exclaims: “Dad! How can that dog go outside without a coat?”

Local pricing, part II

Having written previously about local pricing policies and Petco in Union Square, I’d like to make a public note of the following price differences, this time between the (local) Food Emporium on 14th Street, in my apartment building, and the (national) Whole Foods across the street.

Darling brand Clementines, crate

– at Food Emporium: $9.99

– at Whole Foods: $6.99

Bananas, standard (non-organic), lb.

– at Food Emporium: $.79

– at Whole Foods: $.69

Seedless grapes, standard (non-organic), lb.

– at Food Emporium: $4.49

– at Whole Foods: $2.89

When I began living in this neighborhood I griped continuously about how outrageously expensive the Food Emporium was. When Whole Foods opened I rallied in Food Emporium’s defense, since I liked the convenience and selection. But when the premium-priced organic emporium is beating supermarket prices on everyday fruits and vegetables, what is the smart consumer to do?

My smoothie recipe

Currently making the rounds via Digg is 101 free smoothie recipes. I’m a smoothie fan; I have been drinking banana-strawberry blends since my teenage years, and last year I began making my own. It’s a great alternative to a dessert or mid-meal munching and an ideal walking-around snack. (Not least important, the dog doesn’t beg for a sip. Much.)

Here’s my personal favorite smoothie recipe, dairy- and fat-free.

1 large banana

4-6 whole strawberries

12 ice cubes

1 tbsp honey

splash of coconut extract

Berries have a very powerful flavor; the banana taste drops fast as more than 5 strawberries are added to the mix.

Preparation: insert ingredients into blender. Blend. Be sure to do a minute at the liquefy/frappe level to perfect the consistency. For best results serve in a plastic cup with a bendy straw.

Makes one 12 oz. serving, approx. 175 calories and 1g fat (from natural sugars).

Want more fruit and less smoothie? Purchase frozen strawberries instead of fresh and skip the ice. Use 10-12 strawberries and 1.5 to 2 bananas to make a 12 oz. serving.

Other alternatives:

* add blueberries for more berry impact

* double the honey for additional sweetness

* substitute 1 pk Splenda for honey to save 40 calories

* add pineapple for a more tropical flavor (lose the strawberries, and add a

shot of rum, to make an ersatz pina colada)

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