Google Reader shuts down on July 1, and as a die-hard fan, I am going to miss it.

While I’m busy exporting my feed list and re-establishing my RSS reading elsewhere, I’m reminded that I often used the starring function to call out posts of note. Of course, the truth is that I rarely returned to my starred items, and with minimal social network tie-ins, those favorited posts never got much exposure.

So I’m resurfacing them here for posterity–fully, more or less, despite the fact that I have a lot of links from 2009 and earlier that make no sense to me now, or that just aren’t interesting anymore. For one reason or another, they were interesting then, and they deserve to be archived. And, naturally, some of my favorite blogs over the six-plus years I’ve been living in Reader don’t seem to have been starred along the way, like Alice and Kev, which will keep you riveted if you read it chronologically.

Regardless. From items I liked to items I wanted to revisit later (and likely never did), herewith, my Google Reader faves archive, in reverse chronological order, with occasional (present-day, in parentheses) annotations.