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links for 2010-02-23

  • Article: "His career-defining moment came in the old Yankee Stadium in the form of an 11th-inning, Game 7 of the 2003 AL Championship Series that lifted New York past the Boston Red Sox and into the World Series." Not entirely true. I best remember him for playing basketball that off-season, screwing up his left knee, and getting his Yankee contract voided. ESPN has a habit of hiring analysts who are not very good at making smart decisions (see also: Phillips, Steve)
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The ROI of UX: Continental Airlines

From my post on aiaio:

Yes, there are premium seats available; no, you can’t have them. I asked if I could pay extra to reserve those seats: no. I asked if I could get a seat assignment, any seat assignment, so I knew I would make it on the plane: no. I eventually gave up my attempts to cajole customer service into helping me, and after a few hours of deliberation, I took my business elsewhere.

My story isn’t all that uncommon, but it still strikes me as a miss on Continental’s part. Why must they hold a random middle seat for an unbooked elite member, thereby denying a paying customer a chance to confirm travel?

Between this and Continental’s other discomforts—a small 31″ seat pitch in coach; 60,000 miles to book coach-class reward travel—I haven’t flown CO in more than five years. In the interim I’ve been on American, JetBlue, Virgin Atlantic, Northwest, Alitalia, Midwest, US Airways, United and Virgin America, and I’ve enjoyed all of them more than I enjoy my typical interaction with Continental. (Well, maybe not Alitalia.)

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I am once again pleased as punch to report that my talented, hard-working wife has produced a commercial running in the Super Bowl, this time for Snickers.
The spot runs early in the game on Sunday, and there’s a teaser on Facebook for the curious and impatient.
I will go on the record as saying I think the full spot is great: perfect for the Super Bowl. And I think I’m more proud and impressed than she is.
Update: Snickers topped the Ad Meter as best commercial of Super Bowl XLIV. Kickin’.

links for 2010-02-03

links for 2010-02-02

  • Bluetooth-enabled device monitors your sleep patterns, wakes you at the optimal REM stage. This is genius—I can always tell when I wake up at the "right" point in my sleep cycles. An alarm clock that ritualizes this for me may be worth 10X its weight in gold
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  • Blogger shutting off FTP access for remote posting. This is fascinating to me–not long ago, FTP was really the only way to publish a blog to a personal domain. Fast forward a few years and 0.5% of Blogger's users are FTPing anything. Interesting shift in both Blogger's usage trends, and probably of the migration of domain-level bloggers switching to local install apps (MT, WordPress) and then to remote services with auto-redirects (Tumblr, Typepad, and Blogger itself)
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  • Jake Dobkin knows from chutzpah
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