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  • I'm an Apple fan, shareholder and relatively early adopter. But I have never understood the concept of waiting on a long line to buy a gadget. For one thing, the gadget's not going anywhere; pick it up a day, or a week, later if your career isn't dependent on it. Truly, what's the difference? (I bought the original iPhone on Day Two and my life was no less fulfilling or sexy.) For another, the danger of buying first means you may get to be the one to expose flaws. There's an old adage that says not to buy a car in its first model year, because production quality improves over time; perhaps this is starting apply to Apple, which has to crank out a million of any new device just for launch. Curious to see how this plays out.
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Happiness is

Happiness is, originally uploaded by netwert.

Levain Bakery and sunflowers. Miss you, Amy.

What I learned today, June 21

Father’s Day is the third-best-selling “Hallmark Holiday,” with 93 million cards changing hands at a cost of $749 million. It trails Valentine’s Day (152 million cards) and Mother’s Day (141 million) in volume. All three combined are dwarfed by Christmas, which generates 1.8 billion card sales each year.

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