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Month: August 2005

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Site update: as you can see on the right, I recently (and finally) added my link log to the Ideapad. In addition to the writings that appear in this space, I find, stash and otherwise post links to my feed almost daily, in a wide variety of subjects.

My personal page includes numerous subcategories for readers interested in a particular subject (say, words). The list at right presents the last 10 items as they’re posted. Enjoy.

Hey, you never know

“Government statistics show there are about 1.7 automobile caused fatalities for every 100,000,000 vehicle-miles. If you drive one mile to the store to buy your Mega Millions ticket and then return home, you have driven two miles. Thus the probability that you will join this statistical group is 2 x 1.7 / 100,000,000 = 0.000000034. This can also be stated as ‘One in 29,411,765-‘. Thus, if you drive to the store to buy your Mega Million ticket, your chance of being killed (or killing someone else) is nearly 6 times greater than the chance that you will win the Mega Millions Jackpot.”

“Mega Millions Odds” by Durango Bill

More on (pronounced “moron”) the Daylight Savings shift

“The new four-week daylight saving extension won’t save fuel or lives, but it will put our clocks seriously out of sync with Europe’s, costing airlines $150 million a year. It will foul up clocks in computers, confuse trade with our continental neighbors and make it impossible for many Jews to recite sunrise prayers at home.”

“Endless Summer” by Michael Downing in the New York Times.

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