links for 2010-02-02

  • Bluetooth-enabled device monitors your sleep patterns, wakes you at the optimal REM stage. This is genius—I can always tell when I wake up at the "right" point in my sleep cycles. An alarm clock that ritualizes this for me may be worth 10X its weight in gold
    (tags: health gadgets)
  • Blogger shutting off FTP access for remote posting. This is fascinating to me–not long ago, FTP was really the only way to publish a blog to a personal domain. Fast forward a few years and 0.5% of Blogger's users are FTPing anything. Interesting shift in both Blogger's usage trends, and probably of the migration of domain-level bloggers switching to local install apps (MT, WordPress) and then to remote services with auto-redirects (Tumblr, Typepad, and Blogger itself)
    (tags: blogs trends)
  • Jake Dobkin knows from chutzpah
    (tags: media blogs nyc)

English as a first language

I’m having a lot of fun helping Nate learn to speak and watching him communicate. One of his more perplexing pronunciations is “lion,” which he learned perfectly, then switched to “liney.” So I figured we’d work on it.
“Nate, who’s that?” I said, pointing to his gold teddy-bear lion.
“Yes, but it’s not liney, that’s lion.”
“Nate, can you say lie?”
“Good! And how about yin?”
“Good good! Now say them together. Lie-yin.”