David Wertheimers I don’t know

I am not any of these people, but over the years I have been mistaken for the following:
Group manager of display pricing at Microsoft. Twice received job leads from recruiters. I get a lot of personal email meant for him, too.
CEO of the ET Center at USC. This David Wertheimer and I have swapped some emails over the years, and for awhile our companies were in the same New York office building. (He’s also the smartest of this list, as he grabbed wertheimer.com.)
Law partner at Hogan Lovell. My favorite: I grew up in the same town as this David, 9 or 10 years his junior, and have been hearing about him my entire life. From 2003-2007 we lived 11 blocks apart. We’ve gotten each other’s mail and once the Harrison restaurant booked his Thanksgiving table under my name. Someday we’ll have coffee, but we haven’t yet.
Senior program officer of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This mistake hasn’t been made, but I wanted to call out my namesake. Cool career.