But Cape May is kind of pretty! Honest!

I’m leading a project at work that has in it, among other things, teenagers talking about proms. (It launches next week–stay tuned is now live, take a look.) One of them wrote up a little ditty on Seaside Heights, where, nearly two decades ago, I too spent my after-prom.
Apparently Seaside is still the dirty, low-budget youth destination it always was, fully worthy of the “Sleaze-side” nickname it had in the 1980s, as are its neighboring towns. Some things never change.
Which led to this exchange with my colleague Jim:
wertheimerdavid: the Seaside post completely mirrors my prom weekend experience
jim: hehe
jim: times don’t change
wertheimerdavid: nor does Seaside
jim: i was down there once
jim: point pleasant?
wertheimerdavid: yes that’s the nicer town next door
jim: that was nicer?