My burger kick continues unabated. I paid a fresh visit to Burger Joint on Tuesday, with a how-exactly-will-we-fit party of eight, and came away satisfied. Burger Joint’s “works” burgers remind me of the In-N-Out Double Double, all slopped up and ready to go, but in a unique (well, until BLT Burger ripped off the wood-wall decor) and amusing setting. French fries were great, the black and white milkshake spot on, and the service was terrific: eight burgers and eight orders of fries were delivered en masse, piping hot. We even got seats. This joint stays on my list, although I’m still partial to the “oh goodness, that’s a big ol’ burger” style than the 4-5 oz. patty.

Stand, on the other hand, delivers those big burgers: 7 ounces, overwhelming the bun and full of salt. That’s the good news, such as it is. The bad news is that the service is poor and the attention to detail worse. Our waiter asked us three times if we wanted blue cheese, which wasn’t on the menu, then reported that the menu is wrong; forgot about us when we had a question on the bill, forcing me to stand up and go to him; and required a manager’s intervention to bring dessert. Oh, and when I ordered delivery from them a week earlier, the delivery took 55 minutes (the restaurant is four blocks away) and arrived ice cold. At least the $20 I blew on Sunday was credited back to me Friday, making the bill (a not-cheap $75 for four, without alcohol, after discount) a bit more palatable. Better options exist in the neighborhood.

So, yeah, three burgers this week. I’m fat and happy, but fat. Someone get me a salad.