Ha! You thought I was home? (The missus is in Cali, too, so we’re nine hours and 6500 miles apart, neither of us within half a day’s reach of home. I wonder if we’ll ever grow up.)

So yeah, Paris since Sunday until Wednesday night. Highlights: the Tour de France finale, which was fun and exciting and entertaining, and not unlike marathon day, but more on that when I am home and can upload my photos; traveling to Amiens on business, which is not exciting but is a great way to see some of the French farming countryside; excellent dinners at Les Gourmets des Ternes (the steak! the dessert! the owner!) and TokyoEat (save our anti-Americanistic waiter) and one amusing meal at AirGrill in the Amiens airport, which struck me as not just the nicest restaurant in the area but also the hottest. And probably the only.

And, of course, as I’ve chronicled many times in this space, tearing into a warm baguette in the evening sun while meandering around Paris is, while uncultured, one of life’s simplest and purest pleasures.