Vacation log: Massachusetts 2006, III

So much for abundant wifi—I found nary a signal the last three days of my vacation—but I’m home and can continue my travelblog.

Our Martha’s Vineyard stay was terrific, as expected. Food: great meals at Atria (best restaurant on the island for us, casual elegance with smiling service), Among the Flowers (go for the lobster roll, stay for everything else), The Terrace (highfalutin dining at the Charlotte Inn, and worth it), and Larsen’s Fish Shop in Menemsha. Decent I-don’t-know-what-to-eat food can be found at The Wharf in Edgartown and Slice of Life in Oak Bluffs. And for our money, Vineyard Scoops is better than the more famous Mad Martha’s ice cream.

As for activities, we did our usual complement: bicycling the island with stops at the beach; walking all the town centers, including Menemsha; cruising around in our car, discovering back roads and small shops. The charms of the island continue. We love the variety of lifestyles and the continued immaculateness of the Charlotte Inn. It’s a great escape from the mainland.

Midweek I’ll post a rundown of our last vacation stop, in Rockport.