Vacation log: Massachusetts 2006

It occurred to me in this era of abundant broadband and laptop lugging that I could keep a nice travelblog during my vacation. I left New York today; my itinerary covers 10 days in Massachusetts. We’ll see if I can keep this up every other day if not daily.

For quality research purposes, I’ve boldfaced hotel, restaurant and activity names; if I’m diligent about it I’ll hyperlink things when there’s time.

First up: Hyannis, where I’m currently in a Sheraton Four Points that Starwood should be ashamed of. This hotel has, among other detractions, mosquitos in the hall; iron scorches, stains, and tears in the carpet; cracks and glue on the bathroom counter; dust mice stuck to the curtains; three sets of holes in the front door where security latches used to be; silverfish by the ice machine; and mildew in some rooms (I’m in my second room). It’s not all bad, really–our current room is clean enough, the sheets and towels are new, and the TV, clock and Internet access all work fine. But this hotel is in dire need of refurbishing and some quality control. Then again, for $45 after Starwood point redemptions, I shouldn’t be complaining.

Now, dinner on the Cape is another thing entirely. Amy and I drove to Chatham for our second meal at the Impudent Oyster, a fantastic local spot with a great combination of quality, hominess and style. The food is excellent, service friendly and professional, and the bartender makes what my well-versed wife calls the best dirty vodka martini she’s ever had. The restaurant is 45 minutes from our waystation in Hyannis and was worth the drive. We’ll be back a third time for sure.

This lovely Sheraton is just a one-night affair, as tomorrow we grab the high-speed ferry to Nantucket. Assuming I can find wifi on the island, expect another post over the weekend.