One of the more challenging aspects of keeping a blog is keeping it fresh and interesting. A general more-is-more property applies: the more frequently one posts, the easier it is to find subjects worth writing about, primarily because the point of reference is more immediate.

Right now I could very easily post about the dog-sitting I’m doing this weekend, or the NHL playoffs, which I’m following more alertly this season than I have in years. But as they haven’t previously been covered in this space, so tidbits like “the dogs are passed out now, Rudy pressed against my leg, Charley across the bed as always, but a little jealous nonetheless” will have no frame of reference. Ever notice how you have less to say to your best friend that you haven’t spoken to in a year than you do your neighbor that you see every morning? That’s the topicality problem facing the Ideapad of late.

My aim, as noted here a good five years ago, is simple: keep writing. But my once-every-two-weeks items have a necessarily different angle than the typical 10-times-a-day personal blog seen online. We’ll see if I can’t work on this site’s focus in the coming months.