More from the front on the pharmacy issue: last week I saw two customers at a Duane Reade near my office engage in a lengthy, “nigga”-filled shouting match at the checkout line. Why? Because Duane Reade’s “ONE LINE FOR EACH REGISTER” signs were ignored by a man who waited behind two stations and took the next one that opened, angering the man beside him. (Pharmacies in New York like one line for each register, even though a single snaking line is faster for all involved—another nod to Whole Foods’ intelligence.)

Even worse, the shouting continued for several minutes as the staff watched with smirks and averted glances. A woman from the stock room had to break the squabblers apart after the store manager stood powerless (and amused) by the fight. Topping it off was the cashier, who got into the verbal jousting and threw a very loud “No, you’re the bitch!” at one of the men as he left.

Thank goodness for Gallery Drug.

Also: in June, New York magazine ran an excellent profile of Duane Reade and its philosophies.