I have a close friend from college who lives in the city. My brother has a close friend from high school who is also in Manhattan.

Two Septembers ago, my mother decides we should set the two of them up.

My brother and I resist. For a year.

Last September rolls around and my mother gets back on her bandwagon. Her boys’ friends are so nice, and if she likes them both so much, how bad could it be for them to go on a date? This time, my wife, who also knows both friends, supports her.

My brother and I unenthusiastically agree to mention it to our friends, who, being single and figuring my mother is a fairly good judge of character, say they’ll give it a go.

So I get my brother’s friend’s number and pass it to my friend over IM, throwing in the caveat that this is entirely my mother’s doing, not ours. Three weeks later, they go on a date, and the relationship quickly takes on a life of its own.

Long story short: they got engaged Sunday.

Somehow, Mom always knows best. Congratulations!