I am enough of a traditionalist that I still gauge the importance of news by its placement on the front page of the printed New York Times. (I still get a copy on my doorstep every morning.) So it was not lost on me that the lead in today’s paper was Steve Jobs’ decision to step down as CEO of Apple.
CEO transitions are often news, but not front page news, much less the story that carries the day. (As of this writing the story has already become a secondary item on nytimes.com, making the print edition the final record of the day’s priorities.) Such is the impact and presence of the genius behind one of history’s most remarkable companies.
While the Times is my guide, I first learned of Jobs’ decision last night–on my iPhone. I could run down a list of Apple devices I’ve used in the last seven days alone but to do so would be almost too obvious. Jobs’ vision has transformed how we consider, use and appreciate technology, all for the better.
I’ve enjoyed Apple products since the days of the ][e. I look forward to many years of continued innovation and successes by the company. Today, like the rest of the world, I tip my cap to Steve, in thanks and in admiration.