The year in cities 2010

For the sixth consecutive year, I’m chronicling in this space the places I visited over the past 12 months. To quote 2009, per Jason Kottke’s rules only overnights are listed; repeat visits are denoted with an asterisk, and places visited prior to this year get a dagger. (N.B. It seems I beat Jason to it this year.)

New York, NY *† (home base)
Orlando, FL †
Austin, TX
Livingston, NJ *†
New City, NY *†
Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla, British West Indies
Madison, WI †
Mooresville, NC *
Chicago, IL †
Sydney, Australia
Gloucester, MA †
West Tisbury (Martha’s Vineyard), MA †
West Warwick, RI
Dallas, TX
Palm Beach Gardens, FL †
I expect to get around somewhat less in 2011, although I already have trips planned or pending to Orlando, Boston, Charlotte and San Diego, so who knows.