Follow-up: Duane Reade Flex Rewards

So I was right about one thing when I wrote about Duane Reade’s new flex rewards program in January:

Ten bucks a year is below my worth-the-trouble threshold, so I’m
basically done with the rewards card. I wonder how much less I’ll look
to DR as my default convenience store as a result.

Sure enough, I never did activate a new loyalty card. And now, between the changing system and DR’s buyout by Walgreens, I find myself without loyalty to the store in general. Instead, I find myself stopping in the new CVS that opened a block away (closer to my apartment!) instead… and I’ve never enjoyed CVS.

Duane Reade may be making a few more bucks–or, rather, saving them–but I wonder how many of their customers have done the same thing as me.