• Great, evil writeup of the grub at the new Yankee Stadium. I keep telling people: IT'S STILL JUST A BASEBALL STADIUM.

    At the end of the day, you're attending a ball game, with all the wonderful lowbrow treats that implies: outdoor seating, weather variances, sticky floors, people yelling. No amount of haute cuisine, good or bad, will change that fact, nor can it justify huge ticket price increases.
    As Mitch Albom said a few weeks back, "I don't know anyone who ever came home from a sports event talking about the food."
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  • Pandora's definition of Janet Jackson's music includes "extensive vamping." From the Pandora FAQ: "Vamping is a term that refers to extended improvisation over a repeated chord change." I never knew vamping was a technical term. Fascinated (and wiser)
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  • "If you were a child in the '70s or the '80s and were allowed to go visit your friend down the block, or ride your bike to the library, or play in the park without your parents accompanying you, your children are no less safe than you were." I am so heavily in favor of letting my boy be a child on his own terms.