Blogger/boy wonder

Nathan, as previously noted in this space, has his own website. Your host here and over there hopes to update it regularly, maximizing baby love for family and friends (see also) while minimizing “David has posted photos to the Gallery!” emails and a probable invasion of treacly babycentric posts in this space.
In my idealistic little bubble of reality (the same one that thinks if I ask often enough I’ll get Amy to play Mario Kart Wii with me one more time and maybe she’ll start to like it just a little bit) I’m imagining a bit of a collaborative baby blog. By “a bit of” I mean “more often than never, Nate’s mom will battle through her disinterest in blogging and website learning curves and post something to the site.” One can dare to dream, no?
My first bright idea was to make Nathan’s website a tumblelog for its multimedia support, and to try out a new-to-me blog platform that seemed easy to operate for Amy. My first not-so-bright idea was to try and redirect to the Tumblr page (an include command would have been so easy…). When the IP shift didn’t take properly, Nate’s site spent two-plus days offline. Oops. (Side note: as of Tuesday morning, there are still DNS propagation errors, so if you can’t see the site, wait a few hours and try again.)
So hardened, I went to Plan B. I’ve used Movable Type on this page for the past year-plus, and adding a blog to the existing install is cake. But MT 3.2, my previous version, is pretty geeky; no way Amy would touch it. So a favor and a few tinkers later, I have a shiny new MT 4.1 install powering both sites, with a user-friendly interface that even an infant could love.
Next step: content. We have hundreds of photos and numerous videos to get online. I’m debating the pros and cons of my Flickr feed vs. straight posting to the blog. Either way, Nathan will never say, “View my pictures. Enjoy!” in friend spam. At least not without prompting.