On music, spring 2008

1. I figured out this morning my disappointment in Madonna’s 4 minutes: she’s running with the pack. Timbaland and Justin Timberlake are ringers, sure shots, contemporary 2007-2008 American pop.
Yawn. I loves me the Timbalake output, but not in this context. This is not the Madonna who brought Eurodisco and gay culture to pop, who helped define music video, who discovered or promoted talent ranging from William Orbit to Alanis Morissette to Ali G. Madonna’s new track suggests that, for the first time, she isn’t ahead of the game. Which, as a near-50-year-old mother of three, perhaps she doesn’t have to be. But it’s a game-changer for her, and not in a positive way.
2. I’m watching “American Idol” this season for the first time (Amy’s fault), and I have two observances. First, that it truly is a popularity contest–Carly Smithson was by far more deserving than the pretty-boy and flaxen-haired competition that remains.
Second, and more importantly, David Cook is my hero. If that guy wins, man, it’s like a dream come true for a million dweeby high school guitar god wannabes. Gotta love a guy who name-checks Big Wreck and Patrick Swayze on his national profile.
3. Seriously, have you listened to the New Odds yet? Brendan Benson could learn a thing or two from Craig Northey, I tell you what.