Well! After years of running it without utilizing it I finally turned Movable Type into the publishing platform for the Ideapad. (Consider: this blog entry was originally dated January 10… talk about the cobbler’s kids having the worst shoes.) I now have comments, trackbacks and RSS, so I’m finally catching up to blog standards. Circa 2004 at the least.
The foot-dragging was twofold: one, my coding skills aren’t what they used to be, so I had a hard time getting the design just right (you’ll notice that I went for “reasonable facsimile” here); and two, my coding interest isn’t what it used to be, so I needed some good downtime to wade back into the MT templates and get things sorted out. I believe all the basics, including del.icio.us cross-posting, are functional.
Next up is porting over some of the archives, enabling Digg, and reminding the blog aggregators that this site isn’t static after all.