“Love Monkey”

OK, so I liked the TV show “Ed” when it was on, which predisposes me to enjoying Tom Cavanagh. And I’m in my 30s. And I live in New York City. And I love music. Obviously, that means I should like Love Monkey, Cavanagh’s new show about all of the above. And I absolutely do like it: from the obvious but enjoyable boy-girl interplay to the four-friends underpinnings to the theme of having and pursuing a passion (and also to Cavanagh’s trademark rambling soliloquies, which seem to have rubbed off on me). I don’t know that it has the broad appeal to become a mainstay of CBS’s otherwise bread-and-butter lineup, but I sure hope it does. I may even discover some good new music while I’m at it.

As if the show weren’t appealing enough, its theme song is “Someone Who’s Cool,” one of the better tracks by the Odds, a little-known Beatlesque power-pop band from Canada that I have come to adore over the years. Having one’s song become a TV theme is hardly the road to fame—ask The Rembrandts, Mach Five and countless others—but the recognition is fun.

Also fun is that three of the four main characters of “Ed” have returned to substantial television roles this season. Ah, Stuckey Bowl, we hardly knew you.