Five service appointments and uncounted phone calls later, Time Warner Cable has classified my digital wire servicing as “complete,” and instead has informed me that a “huge outage” hit New York City last Monday-Tuesday, the aftereffects of which I will be noticing for an indeterminate amount of time this week.

All I know is that I’ve had little to no reliable Internet access since mid-July, and as I type this, my wireless hub keeps blinking into “no access available” for no good reason. When I manage to get through to my Internet connection, things are sluggish at best.

I’m thisclose to moving to DSL for a while. Even its unimaginably frequent outages were more tolerable than what I’m going through this summer.

Please contact me if you have or have not had a similar experience. Oh, and call me on a telephone if you want to reach me with any expediency. Doesn’t look like I’ll be online much this week.