I love when good ideas are executed almost as soon as constituents think of them.

Matt Haughey, November 6: Fly the WiFi skies. “Picture this: one airline being known for having free wireless near their gates at every major airport across the country. An airline that was wifi-friendly would be known by business people overnight as the airline to take (or at least the terminal to hang out nearby when you fly).”

Press notice, November 12: JetBlue Introduces Free High-Speed Wireless Service At JFK. “With this new service, JetBlue customers can now take advantage of free high-speed wireless access on both coasts, as complimentary wireless access is also available at JetBlue’s west coast base at LA/Long Beach Airport by the City of Long Beach.”

See you at the terminal.

Addendum: While you’re on Matt’s site and learning about good customer orientation, check out his latest discovery—that customers can’t call Best Buy stores anymore.