Note to readers: I update this page just about every business day. The engagement notice last week was a (happy and fun) anomaly. I’ve been saving up bookmarks in the interim. Click away.

News: iVillage To Eliminate Pop-Up Advertising. “This move was based on an iVillage/Vividence survey showing that 92.5% of iVillage women found pop-up advertising to be the most frustrating feature of the Web.”

Exposition: I Remember Patty in The Morning News. “Patty’s mother was an abrasive woman, the kind of person who jingled into a room with too much jewelry and not enough taste.”

Trivia: Origins of band names. “According to Paul Stanley, Kiss was a momentary inspiration that sounded dangerous and sexy at the same time. Kiss denies the silly fundamentalist rumor that the name stands for ‘Knights In Satan’s Service’.”

Fun: How to swear in German. “Hau ab, Du Pfeife!”

More tomorrow.