An incomplete list of things our year-old Labradoodle chewed up while left home alone, July 2019

Cardboard boxes
Loose papers
Padded envelopes
Several hardcover books
A paper towel cylinder stolen from the recycling bin
A pre-chewed hardcover book cover stolen from the recycling bin
A bag of bagels off the kitchen counter (specifically, five bagels, and some of the bag)
TV remotes (two now, one so badly it doesn’t work anymore)
The protective cover off a limited edition Yoshi Wii remote
Some plastic toy Eli left on the ottoman
A bag full of new dinner plates
Two baseball caps
A box holding a dozen golf balls, and a couple of the balls
Treats he stole from a pocketbook after leaping on the game table (caught on video)
My prescription sunglasses
A variety of Legos, both boxed and loose
A dollar bill
And occasionally, very occasionally, a chew toy


Only in New York

Amy is taking Charley for a walk. It’s finally cold outside, not the 12-degree day we had recently, but still, winter has set in.

They exit the elevator alongside a father and his young son, who also has a dog.

The boy does a double-take when he sees Charley. His eyes go wide and he exclaims: “Dad! How can that dog go outside without a coat?”

Tip of the day

If you’re a middle-aged man who loves dogs, and your way of expressing that love is to blow kisses at a cute dog who walks past you, whatever you do, please don’t make eye contact with the dog’s owner while blowing said kisses.

Dogswalk Against Cancer

Amy and I (and Charley, and Charley’s brother, too) will be participating in the Dogswalk Against Cancer Sunday, May 1 in Riverside Park. It’s a fundraiser for cancer research; the money raised goes to support the work of the American Cancer Society, and 10% of the net proceeds go to the Donaldson-Atwood Cancer Clinic of the Animal Medical Center.

This being a cancer fundraiser, we donated with our registration fee. I’d like to donate more through walk sponsors. Please sponsor me (suggested donation $25) and contribute to a good and fun cause.