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Wasabi the Best in Show winner

Few things make me more giddy than seeing a Pekingese, so when a gorgeous Pekingese takes Best in Show at Westminster, I’m pretty much in peak dog-lover form.

This is Wasabi:

Yes! Make my day, my week, little new best friend of mine.

A winning Peke is not rare; it hasn’t even been that long. My previous BFF Pekingese Malachy won Westminster in 2012, and then there’s the (in)famous Danny, who won Crufts (the British equivalent of Westminster) in 2003, only to be accused of having had cosmetic surgery. He was exonerated, as all good pups should be.

Congrats to Wasabi, and thank you for starting my week off with a grin.

An incomplete list of things our year-old Labradoodle chewed up while left home alone, July 2019

Cardboard boxes
Loose papers
Padded envelopes
Several hardcover books
A paper towel cylinder stolen from the recycling bin
A pre-chewed hardcover book cover stolen from the recycling bin
A bag of bagels off the kitchen counter (specifically, five bagels, and some of the bag)
TV remotes (two now, one so badly it doesn’t work anymore)
The protective cover off a limited edition Yoshi Wii remote
Some plastic toy Eli left on the ottoman
A bag full of new dinner plates
Two baseball caps
A box holding a dozen golf balls, and a couple of the balls
Treats he stole from a pocketbook after leaping on the game table (caught on video)
My prescription sunglasses
A variety of Legos, both boxed and loose
A dollar bill
And occasionally, very occasionally, a chew toy


Only in New York

Amy is taking Charley for a walk. It’s finally cold outside, not the 12-degree day we had recently, but still, winter has set in.

They exit the elevator alongside a father and his young son, who also has a dog.

The boy does a double-take when he sees Charley. His eyes go wide and he exclaims: “Dad! How can that dog go outside without a coat?”

Tip of the day

If you’re a middle-aged man who loves dogs, and your way of expressing that love is to blow kisses at a cute dog who walks past you, whatever you do, please don’t make eye contact with the dog’s owner while blowing said kisses.

Dogswalk Against Cancer

Amy and I (and Charley, and Charley’s brother, too) will be participating in the Dogswalk Against Cancer Sunday, May 1 in Riverside Park. It’s a fundraiser for cancer research; the money raised goes to support the work of the American Cancer Society, and 10% of the net proceeds go to the Donaldson-Atwood Cancer Clinic of the Animal Medical Center.

This being a cancer fundraiser, we donated with our registration fee. I’d like to donate more through walk sponsors. Please sponsor me (suggested donation $25) and contribute to a good and fun cause.

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