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Twenty years of tinnitus

March 22, 1995. That’s when my ears started ringing, give or take a day. It was just shy of my 22nd birthday, and I was a senior in college, sitting in a chair in my bedroom, doing homework, when I got one of those random high-pitched tones in my ear. Except this time, instead of […]

Bimodal neuromodulation

I want to believe! A tinnitus treatment called bimodal neuromodulation is getting major media coverage now that two different products are in the market. As a longtime tinnitus sufferer, I’m curious to learn more about Lenire; I wonder how the team figured out that the mouth was a good conduit for the technique. My own […]

On reviewing headphones

Review: A week with the Etymotic hf2, by yours truly, on Boing Boing Gadgets. Last week I was on line at Duane Reade and watched the man in front of me ask for a pair of headphones. He selected a Maxell model from behind the register; it was $14.99, I think, maybe a bit more. […]

links for 2009-02-27

Q&A with Alissa Hamilton: What you're really pouring from that carton of orange juice Ewww… makes me reconsider whether my love of Tropicana Pure Premium is really all that healthy (but hey, at least they're fixing the packaging) (tags: food health) collision detection: Study: Hearing damage occurs after more than 5 minutes of full-volume listening […]

links for 2009-01-05

Franken declares Senate race win after state ruling – Meet Senator Comedian, representing the state that once elected Governor Pro Wrestler (tags: news politics) – Survey: More than a pretty face Nice article on ecommerce redesign strategies in the latest IR, including a couple of quotes from me (tags: ecommerce strategy navel-gazing) BBC […]


I am more than a little pleased to know that, despite my age and a decade of noise-induced tinnitus, I can still hear (easily!) the high pitch “Mosquito” ringtone teens are using to thwart adult supervision.

Turn down that racket

Pete Townshend has warned iPod users to watch their volume. This is of monumental importance, and I’m glad Townshend is speaking out. His was the first case of tinnitus I knew of, and ten years into my own case, I can testify to the value—and necessity—of monitoring the volume knob. Note to all: please heed […]

The ringing

Famous people with tinnitus. My wacky ear problem is long gone but my tinnitus remains, as it has pretty much continuously since 1995. I recall two particularly good moments over the past nine years: one, in the late ’90s, before the Matthew Sweet concert that pushed the tinnitus farther into permanency, when I was taking […]

Diplacusis update

I received this question in an email today: Did you ever get your ears ‘fixed’ (as mentioned 11/01)? I am frustrated with a similar condition 3+ years and wonder if you found help or enlightenment. My ears don’t seem to fit any standard condition. After replying in email, I thought I’d share the news. Greetings […]


A primer on what’s going on with my ears. … Currently found in the individual Davidus Wertheimerus, this affliction’s external symptoms include lack of concentration, heightened sensitivity to noise exposure, periodic sadness and a tendency to miss work for medical appointments. Internally, diplacusis is an insidious and completely disconcerting phenomenon, and only one of the […]

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