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The value of a Super Bowl ad

Sports Illustrated has a fabulous short take this week on CPM rates and Super Bowl ads. In short: on a per-viewer basis, a $3 million Super Bowl spot gets an advertiser more bang for the buck–by a good 35 percent–than a $435,000 slot on a typical Sunday Night Football broadcast. The sheer viewer numbers for the big game actually make broad-based marketing a relative bargain.
While it’s hard to swallow the thought of six-million-dollar-a-minute advertisements in the penny-pinching 2008 holiday season, an advertiser like, say, Doritos, which can gain a position of strength in a recession, is well suited to a Super Bowl ad.

Blow Ya Mind Monday

Fun videos and gewgaws from assorted other blogs in my reader:
~ Bio-Bak, one of the more insane (and fun) personal sites I’ve seen in many years–it reminds me of Superbad (which I kind of miss)
~ This guy sings “Thriller” in 64 a capella parts… it’s quite a montage
~ And then there’s this guy, who custom built a drum kit to play Guitar Hero 3, then beat the hardest setting. hoo wee!