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December 27, 2000 +

Dammit, it's not a diary. I have to keep reminding myself that.

Sooner or later I'll switch over entirely to essays. Then we'll really have something.


December 16, 2000 +

My own personal suck list for the weekend:


Difficult decisions.

Waking up at 7:15 a.m., one minute ahead of your alarm's usual setting. On a Saturday.

Nasty weather while I'm fighting a cold.

The 2000 Washington Redskins.

It's a good thing my friend Adam lined up some cool events for our Friday and Saturday nights, or I'd be out of my gourd right about now.


December 14, 2000 +

Things I Learned About Myself On My Vacation

~ I am really not a good golfer.

~ Until I do something medical about it, I will catch a cold almost every time I fly somewhere.

~ Those EarPlanes things, when inserted properly, really do work on me.

~ When spending lengthy amounts of time in the sun I must apply and reapply suntan lotion regularly. *scratch scratch*


Well, I got what I wanted. Now it's time to determine how much I want it.


December 4, 2000 +

IM quote of the day: "...Though I would like to cut his balls off and make him eat them for doing it, but that could just be me mischanneling my anger."

No, I didn't say it. I probably would have said much worse.


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