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November 28, 2000 +

Who'da thunk it -- Little River Band lyrics as wallowing life metaphor:
Have you heard about the lonesome loser
Beaten by the queen of hearts every time...
He's a loser but he still keeps on trying
Mind you, that's not me right now; I'm rather content these days, for a change. But I'm sticking this in my back pocket for a more pathetic day, so I remember that I can enhance my sorrow with some cheesy AM country-pop.


November 27, 2000 +

I got tongue-tied writing an entry for this morning. That's pretty sad.

So I'm going to ignore what I was trying to say about Greg and Jason and links begetting comments, mention that I got a kick out of a restaurant in Hong Kong called Fuh Ken Hotpot, and leave it at that.

Speaking of which, my wonton soup last night was rather sub-par.


November 21, 2000 +

Rob, from Boston, in email: "Why do New Yorkers think that the world revolves around them??"

Me from West 57th Street, in reply: "Because it does."


November 16, 2000 +

I have a living, breathing X-chromosome id.

More specifically, I have a woman friend with whom I discuss guy things. Usually the topic is sex, from a man's perspective, with a woman's feedback.

Kinda cozy, huh? Most men just go the Y-chromosome route and play with themselves a lot. Me, I get a pal who likes to talk in instant messaging about whether I hook up on my dates and how big were her breasts and does she have a nice ass like the last one and will I get around to having sex with this gal.

And you thought I only bonded with women over clothes and bad television shows.


November 11, 2000 +

You want vices? I'll give you vices.

Yesterday after work I went and bought my new cell phone. Cost: $173 after taxes and before rebate ($50, mind you, but I won't have that for months). Necessity: none, but who's counting? And it's so cool, yo.

For Friday's dinner I had four slices of a large pizza, half-sausage half-plain, and followed it up with a big bowl of Turkey Hill cookies 'n cream ice cream.

This afternoon, I bought my day planners for next year -- two of them, since I carry them in my back pocket and like to switch to a fresh book mid-year. [insert snide Palm Pilot comment here] For some reason I buy fancy-schmancy Charing Cross books, so that set me back $40.

I then went downtown and bought five new albums; I got good deals but still spent $55. (What's that? Oh yeah: all new releases, by David Holmes, Fatboy Slim, Phoenix, Trans Am, and Badly Drawn Boy. If I had more luck combing the used-CD racks, and if St. Mark's Sounds accepted credit cards, I could have come home with twice as much. I love buying music.)

After the CD spree, I stopped by Pommes Frites, and assembled this fine walkabout lunch: large fries, mayo-ketchup-onions, a Coke and a package of Drake's Funny Bones. I failed in my attempt to buy new sunglasses, which would be $250 easy for new frames and lenses, but I'm going back next weekend.

For dinner I ate half a wedge of brie on some crackers. Yep. I got hungry a little while ago and bought two more slices of pizza (one sausage, one plain) on the theory that one can never have too much tomato sauce or too much cheese.

So I'm feeling fat, poor and lactose intolerant, but also awfully satisfied. As I have no plans for tonight, I am going to go revel in my self-indulgence and fall asleep on my couch listening to my five new CDs in succession.

Maybe I should send myself back overseas.


November 9, 2000 +

The resident of the apartment upstairs from me, who has been known to run around the apartment heavy-footed, despite the fact that these are quite small apartments, is, tonight, running around the apartment, screaming.


November 5, 2000 +

Marathon day is wonderful. My thoughts in a separate essay.


November 1, 2000 +

Halloween reminds me of so many things. Like how unbelievably yummy Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are.


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