July 29, 1999

Hm. Haven't written much of consequence lately. The editorial jones just isn't as strong as it was over the winter.

Suggestion to readers: Skip back to, say, March for compelling content. Start reading at yesterday's entry below for random drivel.

I'll be interesting again soon. I hope.


July 28, 1999

I finally got determined to see Yo La Tengo in concert -- they're playing Sept. 24 at Irving Plaza, as I discovered while attending last night's (disappointing) G. Love and Special Sauce show there.

Of course, I will be in London on Sept. 24. Argh.

Do yourself a favor and go see the Yo La gig. Best rock band in America the last few years. Challenging, compelling music. Worth seeing, and worth a listen if you've never heard them before.


July 20, 1999

What a night!

Went to the Yahoo! Music Awards last night -- Billboard Online was nominated for Best Music News -- and got a real show to remember.

There were sets from Seal, Public Enemy, and Wyclef Jean, but the real performance of the night was The Artist (you know, Prince), who let Larry Graham and Maceo Parker take center stage. And they stole the show.

I got to hear Graham Central Station's "The Jam" live, with Larry Graham playing bass and singing lead! No "Let's Get Crazy," but this was just as good. I'll be talking about this all week.


July 18, 1999

I love going on my annual family vacation to Massachusetts.

Four days in relaxing Cape Ann, laughing and unwinding with the folks and brother -- and for the first time in years, Uncle D and his family are coming too.

I'm blessed with a great nuclear family, and weekends like this reinforce how lucky I am. Life should always be this nice.


July 1, 1999

New month, new site: netWert.com is now up and running! The Ideapad will be moving there shortly.