June 29, 1999

The 51 St station on the 6 line is, for no apparent reason, the hottest subway platform in Manhattan.

Doesn't make much sense -- only one line passes through it, and it's pretty close to the surface, so ventilation should be better. But man oh man was it warm last night. Even Union Square's cooler than that.


June 25, 1999

I can't remember the last time I saw a major studio release that was as intellectual and compelling as the independent movies I've seen recently.

Happiness is just phenomenally done. Intelligent, clever, subtle, evil. And that Quick Mart at the start of the movie? That's where I get the Manhattan bus in my hometown.

On the other hand, Run Lola Run is just cool as shit.


June 22, 1999

Re my note below (6/18): No sooner said than done.


June 18, 1999

Hey, I updated my home page today. Or did you already notice that?

It's the first time the ol' Ideapad is linked from there, so it's high time this gets a redesign as well. Look for it soon.


June 17, 1999

I'm not sure why, but here in New York City, I am part of a distinct minority: men who carry umbrellas on rainy days.

I notice this every time precipitation hits the city. Seems most men can't be bothered to stay dry, or don't want to deal with a wet umbrella on the subway, or just don't care. Whatever the case, men tool around in raincoats instead, or head out with no coverage at all.

Personally, I'd rather deal with the umbrella. Keeps the glasses from getting wet, don'tcha know. (And it's more appealing than wearing a hat.)

So the next time it rains, look for the 26-year-old male with the $3 street umbrella. I should be surprisingly easy to spot.


June 16, 1999

Go Knicks! (And I don't even like basketball.)


June 15, 1999

Gave my first sales-based presentation of my career today, and I pulled it off without a hitch.

I was part of a group delivering information on a new Web promotion, and my job was to describe the design process to a roomful of salespeople. Our group sales manager was absent, so I also had to explain our statistics to the crowd.

Considering I have spent most of my professional life staring at a computer monitor, I think I did rather nicely. Bodes well for my future, since I hope to pull myself away from the keyboard as the years go on.


June 7, 1999

Weekend observation:

The less people you know at the party, the tougher it is to really have fun.

(Rule does not apply when you know no one at all.)


June 3, 1999

I haven't slept well in three nights.

Installed my air conditioner in my bedroom Monday -- thank goodness! Cold air! And then....

Three a.m. -- too loud to sleep. A/C off.

Five a.m. -- too warm. A/C back on.

I've had enough to last me the summer, and it's not even summer. I hope I get used to the noise right quick.