April 30, 1999

Bachelor party for Dave this weekend. I'm psyched for him, what with his impending marriage and all. Should be fun seeing everyone too. Ah, Atlantic City.


April 24, 1999

Well! It's been a while here, hasn't it. Time to self-consciously give the life update.

I got promoted at my job. I'm now Web Design Manager (or, officially, "Manager of Web Design and Development." Quite a mouthful). I'm supervising two designers and a production assistant. Finally got the career in gear the way I wanted to, and our team is kicking ass.

Went to the Pacific Northwest for a vacation and a lovely wedding. I want to move to Vancouver. What a gorgeous city. Bellingham, Washington, is kind of a bore, but the whole trip was a blast.

My apartment is a mess, I'm no good at the harmonica yet, and I'm single again. But life has been good lately.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go clean my living room.


April 4, 1999

For my money, the Broadway play "Closer," which I saw today, is much more compelling -- and racy -- than the similarly sexy "The Blue Room."

Mind you, I certainly enjoyed seeing Nicole Kidman naked, and I liked the latter play. But "Closer" digs deeper, and deals with a much messier situation. And succeeds.

Theater patrons "of a certain age" were shaking their heads at intermission, surprised at the general filthiness of it all. But hey, the cybersex scene was tremendous. Welcome to the end of the century.