March 31, 1999

Random thoughts on a scattershot morning:

- It's always good to go out for a drink with the boss after work.

- It's never good to stand up a job interview. Trying to figure out this one -- we've had three no-shows in six business days. (We also had two quality interviews yesterday, so take that, Missing Persons.) Who in their right mind would schedule a job interview and then ignore it?

- It's great to get a reminder that New Yorkers are people too. My 30-day Metrocard expired last night, which I forgot when I boarded the bus this morning. Got a low "boop" instead of the thumbs-up "beep" from the machine. Oops. I went to grab my spare token out of my wallet, and the bus driver let me on! "Go ahead," he said with a wave. Amazing. And somehow wonderful.


March 29, 1999

Hey, it's my birthday today.


March 27, 1999

My brother gave me an Armani Exchange blue short-sleeve button-down shirt yesterday.

I think I'm going to retire much of my old wardrobe and redo my attire this spring. I'm a happier person when I'm wearing handsome, well-made clothes. I suppose it's an old cliche, "To look good is to feel good," but hey, I'll run with it.

Now if only I could _afford_ to shop at Armani Exchange.


March 22, 1999

Sassy pants!

I bought "Convertible Carpenter Pants" from Banana Republic this weekend. They're funky-looking khakis with the pockets on the outside and cuffs just above the kneecaps.

Underneath the cuffs are zippers -- one tug on each leg and zwip! no more pant legs. Instant shorts!

I can't wait till I'm sitting in the office in 93-degree weather and make plans to go to a Yankee game after work. Kick off the shoes, give a little tug, and tah dah! I'm ready to leave the office.

Now to find a pair of shoes that matches....


March 8, 1999

More from the "fortuitous timing" front:

While waiting for people outside Fanelli's Saturday night, a friend and I struck up a conversation with a coatless woman desperately looking to buy cigarettes -- no mean feat in SoHo at midnight. She left, we left ... and we were more than a bit amused to bump into the same woman at Mxyplyzyk the next afternoon.

Saturday night it was off to the movies, or so we hoped. Like a fool, I didn't buy tickets before dinner, so we trekked back to my 'hood and rented the movie we were going to see in a revival at Film Forum. Not five minutes after returning to my apartment, the phone rings. Friend from Boston is in town and on the east side; want to meet up?

I thought I was full-up on amusements until my coworker told she experienced two taxicab accidents in two different cabs on the same trip uptown. A full house certainly beats my two pair.


March 4, 1999

Keeping secrets is tough, especially when perceptive third parties ask what's going on.

(No, I'm not telling. I can keep a secret.)