February 28, 1999

I haven't had much to say lately.


February 17, 1999

I'm really getting tired of the un-winter we're having this year.

Last weekend, I was in Boston, and the weather finally got cold -- temperatures in the 20s, with a bitter wind that had me longing for my ski jacket (and bitching about it to my friends). Two days later, I'm back in New York, and it's 47 and muggy and foggy outside.

This is not winter! This is not a season! This weather is like the muck that builds up on the side of the road two days after it snows. Only it doesn't snow anymore. It just gets foggy.

No one else seems to miss the winter. "Oh, this warm weather is so nice." But if it's 50 degrees in New York in February, are 110-degree summer days far behind? How long will it be before we need to put on SPF 15 to get the newspaper in the morning?

I take the weather way too seriously. But that's only because no one else misses the cold.


February 16, 1999

My new watch is so cool.


February 9, 1999

I actually shopped at Diesel yesterday.

Way over my head, I tell you what -- in both style and price. They were having a winter clearance sale, though, and I found a great-looking sweater for a fairly reasonable sum. Wound up schmoozing with my salesman-cum-nightclub DJ for half an hour, too, and I now have a personal invite to a Thursday night at Moomba.

I'm no scenester, but I am definitely taking him up on the invite. I wonder what the hipness quotient of a harmonica is.


February 8, 1999

AC, baby!

Nothing like a road trip to Atlantic City with a good friend (and a host of people you don't know) to liven up an otherwise quiet week.

I played the longest (and won my money) at a miniature craps table: eight people max, one dealer, must be seated to roll the dice. Mini-craps, we called it. Or "chill craps."

Whatever -- it played the same, and I won. Canceled out all my weekend costs. Which feels great when you go out for lunch Monday.


February 3, 1999

I had a good time last night.

I hope it was mutual.


February 1, 1999

I'm looking forward to tomorrow night.