December 29, 1999

Did the industry-soiree thing last night, sort of, and went to a little get-together organized by Cameron Barrett, creator of the excellent CamWorld weblog.

I don't do the meet-and-greet often, but last night was really worthwhile, as I got to meet people whose ideas and output I admire, such as Cam, Joshua Eli Schachter, Grant Barrett, and Peter Merholz, whose business card quietly blew me away. Everyone I met had something to say and share, which makes for a pretty good bunch. Strong conversation all around. And Cam had party favors for everyone!

And now I feel like I really need to redesign my web site.

(Amusingly, everyone at dinner knows what it is -- see yesterday's entry below -- even though I'm compelled not to discuss it here just yet. Life can be funny like that sometimes.)


December 28, 1999

I did it today. What, you ask. It, obviously. Y'see, only my parents and Mary know right now. When it's more public, I'll tell here in more detail. Keeping my mouth shut has been killing me for days already, I assure you.


I gotta say, I'm starting to dig my new glasses -- squared off, dark brown Oliver Peoples plastic frames -- but they're making me dizzy. The wrapped effect is a little tough to get used to.


Great quote on time from Mapping the Atari, found on Carl's site:

"In human terms, a jiffy can be upwards of 20 minutes, as witnessed in the phrase 'I'll be ready in a jiffy.' Compare this to the oft-quoted phrase, 'I'll be there in a minute,' used by intent programmers to describe a time frame upwards of one hour."


December 27, 1999

I like all the downtime I've had recently. Keeps the apartment clean.


I wanted more green on this page. So now it's green. It used to be blue. The old pages are still blue. I'm babbling, aren't I.


December 23, 1999

Damn, I get sun poisoning easily.


December 15, 1999

Puerto Rrrrrrico! Can't wait to play golf tomorrow. Maybe I'll even get a tan.


December 14, 1999

Man, the holiday party was fun last night. Danced the night away. My ears are still a little pissed off, but they'll be OK.


Goodbye, Chad fucking Curtis. "When I'm all done with baseball," he said from home after the trade was announced, "I can't imagine looking at anything more favorably than my time with the Yankees." Good words. Good luck in Texas.


December 13, 1999

Giving friends presents is fun.

Some of said friends got guilted into belatedly giving me presents back. Which was nice, but was not the point. I like giving fun things to people I care about because it makes them happy (and also satisfies some Freudian need for acceptance deep within me, I suppose).

The presents I got were cool, especially the one that was not prompted by anything I did. But making my friends smile was, and always is, even better.


December 6, 1999

I am awfully lifeless this morning.

My weekend was so full -- three separate trips to New Jersey; painting and cleaning in my apartment; holiday shopping and celebrations -- that it seems I have simply run out of energy. Droppy-eyed, I am plodding through my morning as though the rain outside is coming straight down on my head.