November 29, 1999

So much is going on in my life and in my head lately.

Moments like these are where this log gets difficult. I have tons of thoughts on which I could expound -- on my family, friends, love life, career -- yet I censor myself instead, knowing full well that I have no control over who sees what I write here.

Part of me wants to just let loose with an online version of a primal scream. Fortunately, part of me knows better.


November 24, 1999

Boy, today really feels like a Friday, doesn't it?


I'm reading through Billboard's 20th Century A-Z special (for which I wrote pieces on censorship, heavy metal, the Kinks and prog rock, plug plug) this afternoon and soaking up great rock information. Like what, you ask? Like, "During the week of April 4, 1964, the Beatles held down the top 5 spots on Billboard's Hot 100 and a record total of 12 positions on the chart." All five Top 5 positions. Sheesh. And they had two more singles chart the following week.


November 22, 1999

Today is such a Mondayish Monday. I can hardly pay attention to my work. I don't even want to bother with my laundry, that quintessentially Monday task, tonight, since my Monday is so blah.

Next time I have nothing to do on a Sunday I'm going to go do something anyway. Ten hours of Sunday spent on the couch does not prepare one well for a Monday, no matter how short the week is.


Yes, I am aware that I used "quintessentially" twice on this page in the past week. No, I didn't do it on purpose.


November 19, 1999

Did I really _do_ that?


November 18, 1999

We were eating a late dinner in the back room at the Carnegie Deli last night (mmmm... corned beef) when Jackie Mason walked in with his family.

How quintessentially New York is that?


November 15, 1999

More work news. We have five people out of the office today (of 18 total), four of them for the entire week, and everyone is scrambling to tend to the day's normal business.

There's a tension in the air, a sense that everyone is just a bit on edge, like the whole office is on this continual, immediate deadline, and that there is no margin for error or time to waste.

I am expecting a long yet successful week and a lot of proud, relieved coworkers Friday afternoon.


November 12, 1999

You know, I'm looking at some of my HTML handiwork today, and I really have (and have had for a long time) a particular specialty when it comes to Web design.

I am the King of Clean.

Too bad that doesn't apply to my desk.


November 8, 1999

Well, at least Sunday was fun. Can't say much about the rest of the weekend. (See Friday's entry below.)

Been a tough day in the office, too. But I got my eBay-won Nintendo 64 today, so I look forward to entering a vegetative, trancelike state when I get home tonight. Who knows, maybe I'll even watch "Ally McBeal" to further my condition.


November 5, 1999

Well! Plans beyond my control, bizarre movies, heated office meetings, phone calls till 1 a.m. I hope my weekend is as intriguingly positive as the week has been.

The real fun should come Sunday, when I introduce my friend's friend to my coworker. Who is singing in an opera. Without a shirt on.

Where do these things come from?


November 1, 1999

Random things I want to share.

1. I had a great weekend. Very busy, very enjoyable.

2. I like hanging out with my brother in the city.

3. I find it rather annoying when someone acts smart in order to impress you ... and gets something wrong.