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I have long been a fan of About pages, FAQs, and that long list in the back of Wired where they list the minutiae involved in putting the issue together. Thus, my colophon: the facts behind the publication as they pertain to

All of netWert was created in Internet longhand: graphical prototypes, hand-drawn mockups, hard-coded HTML, lots of math. I used Adobe Photoshop and Bare Bones' BBEdit on a Macintosh G3 for nearly all of the design process, and I do virtually all my HTML editing and most of my writing in BBEdit as well. Good ol' Fetch sends my files to my host, Pair Networks.

A back-end database, with full searchability and dynamic display rendering, is on the way. It is being developed in PHP using MySQL by David Miller, my partner in crime on assorted pet projects. I know precious little about its underpinnings.

My search engine is run by Atomz. Cameron Barrett enabled my feedback form with some quick Unix magic.

The netWert logo and page heads are rendered in assorted forms of the Trebuchet MS font. The page texts are preferably displayed in Verdana, at assorted sizes, and alternately in another sans-serif font based on user specifications.

The site was once optimized for 256-color monitors at 640x480 pixels, but in keeping with the times, it is now optimally designed for true-color screens set to 800x600 displays. NetWert does not currently use style sheets and should give few problems on most well-known web browsers.

The photos on the home page (a series of ten) constitute all the non-clothing items found on me and in my pockets in a typical day circa summer 2001.

Unless noted, all of netWert is written by David Wertheimer and non-fiction.

updated October 1, 2001


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