Note: This page stopped updating in July 2003. The engines still run but the forecasting has ceased.
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The 'Feels Like' Forecast

About the Forecast

Ever have a week where every day was pretty much a Monday? Did yesterday feel like the end of the week? Do you sense that your weekend really could last forever?

The "Feels Like" Forecast is your psychological calendar, sorting out the confusion around what the days really feel like, and providing a handy guide as you prepare for the days ahead.

Disclaimer: The forecast cannot guarantee that your day will feel exactly like the predicted feel. Some variables exist (waking up on the wrong side of the bed, a surprise visit from your mother-in-law, the Yankees losing a doubleheader) that may alter the accuracy of the forecast for your particular day.

Letting You Know How Your Days Are Gonna Go

The Five-Day Accu-Feel Forecast
through May 24, 2024

Day"Feels Like"
Monday 20 Monday
Tuesday 21 Tuesday
Wednesday 22 Wednesday
Thursday 23 Thursday
Friday 24 Friday
Note: Not all days will feel like others. Some days do feel like themselves.
Forecast updated regularly. Check back daily for updates.
New! What does today feel like to you?

Frequently Asked Questions

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