December 31, 1998

Happy new year!


December 30, 1998

Ah, nothing like a light work week after a vacation.

Back in the office, and not much is new at first glance: people are out on vacation, my desk is still a mess, I have 257 new e-mail messages.

But -- seh wot? -- our junior designer quit. On Wednesday of last week. And made Thursday her last day.

It's a minor step, my venting here, but I must firmly condemn her move. People of my generation are flat-out rude: not returning phone calls, ignoring e-mails and making excuses, pretending they don't notice things they don't want to see, not following generally accepted protocol for events like leaving a job.

This is a co-worker, someone in whom we placed our trust and responsibility. For her to quit on a moment's notice is the equivalent of her hoisting a big middle finger at my office. Any respect I had for her work ethic -- and she did great work, when she did work -- has been eliminated by her selfish behavior.

That's Generation Next for you.


December 14, 1998

I finally care about Monicagate.

As far as I was concerned, the whole Clinton impeachment thing was just dragging on -- until it hit me: the issue is not the Prez's infidelity, but his willingness to lie under oath, which is of far greater importance.

I hate liars and lying. And I find it appalling that the President of the United States of America would take the stand and speak falsehoods about his love life. This isn't an issue of national security, either, only the fact that he's not faithful.

Hillary knows. Congress knows. The world knows. And still he lied.

Let him hang, I say.


December 10, 1998

Just noticed that Jason actually linked to me back on November 3.

Two things occurred to me as I poked around his site tonight. One was, Man, this is a lot like what I would do if I had the time. He's got lots of self-indulgent displays of himself, all done particularly well, inviting me -- you -- everyone -- in for a closer look.

The second thought was, Well, do I care? Is there anyone who doesn't know him that cares about his pages? I mean, I appreciate his designs, but I only go so far. I really didn't need to see him half-naked in his tilde jason section, that's for sure.

Maybe I'm jaded. Maybe I'm jealous. Whatever it is, I wish my site were as thorough. Maybe later. For me, for now, elegant simplicity it is. You want to know _my_ birthday, just ask.


December 8, 1998

IBM and AT&T pulled off a crazy business swap today.

The Phone Company is buying Big Blue's Global Network business. The spin I heard on the radio, though, is that AT&T is taking on 5,000 IBM employees -- and handing 2,000 of its own back to IBM.

Supposedly, every employee involved is keeping his/her job, along with any pensions and salaries currently in place.

Now, I follow trades in pro sports all the time. You take our left fielder, we'll have your lefty reliever, thank you very much. But in the business world? We are so familiar with buyouts and layoffs and downsizing that people maintaining their jobs in a business deal is almost a shock.

At least seven thousand ordinary people will get the chance to feel what it's like being Jim Leyritz.


December 6, 1998

Christian Slater is short.