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June 30, 2000

Broadway shows pine for established names to give them extra box office power, but sometimes they'd be better off with unknowns. This notice arrived via email this morning:

>Sebastian Bach in
>This crowd-pleasing thriller ... now starring Sebasican Bach, former lead singer of the rock band Skid Row-evil has never looked so good!

Orchestra seats are only $80 to see the author of "Youth Gone Wild" orating Robert Louis Stevenson. Where's my credit card?


Aspiration: Every time I visit him I sigh and quietly wish that someday my words will resound with the casual elegance of even the simplest of Carl's comments.

His humorous published works are always entertaining, but I never tire of the brief, touching glimpses he allows into his soul:

"The only place I feel safe is lost between these words."

"never again will i know your kiss. but sometimes i feel your smile on my lips."

My journal will press on, striving for more.


June 29, 2000

It seems Dave Barry's grasp of the new economy is about the same as mine. (from Good Experience)

Speaking of good experiences, how come the Herald's archive link to Barry's column is in a /1999/ subdirectory when the article is from this year? With issues like this, it's no wonder the "new economy" is becoming the "fall flat on its face economy." Nothing is trivial when it's done wrong.


June 28, 2000

Rediscovered Sumo! today, a Shockwave strategy game with amusing graphics and sound. Descriptions fail me; check it out and see. (You may want to turn the sound down a bit if you're at work.) The game is a few years old but still entertaining. It even has a human-to-human feature, so IM me if you want to face off.


June 27, 2000

Hey, I redid my home page today.

There's a complete archive of my home page iterations in the Whimsy area of my site.


June 26, 2000

Artist Jeff Koons, creator of the blooming "Puppy" sculpture, made some fantastic comments on art in modern society in Sunday's New York Times Magazine. Among them:

"I'm more stimulated by advertising than by the art I see in galleries. I like a lot of ice cream advertising. I like a lot of cereal-box advertising. ... Visually, it's just more exciting."

"Art is obsolete now. ... There was a time when Picasso was the wealthiest man in France and Henry Moore was the wealthiest person in England, other than the Queen. There's no such thing as that anymore."


June 23, 2000

Cool shit that is very of-the-moment, when done right, doesn't get any less cool when the moment passes. Cases in point: Spencer Davis Group's "I'm a Man," Genesis' "Abacab" and Kool and the Gang's "Funky Stuff." Dated material but priceless songs all. (Real Audio links)


June 22, 2000

Casio now makes an MP3 audio wrist watch. Casio! It's just a matter of time before someone produces a Palm-OS-enabled cell phone with a stereo headset. That stores two hours of MP3 tracks. That I can wear. The future is now.


Rafe linked to the same Observer story that I did yesterday. I mention this not to acknowledge Rafe's good taste but to note how unique weblogs can be -- particularly in this case, where two men with similar views comment on the same topic. (See his June 21 entries.)


June 21, 2000

Today's Napster discovery: half a dozen bouncy instrumental tracks with names like "Classic Porn," "Sex Theme," "Bow Chicka Bow Wow," and "Bass Porn." Chill enough to play in the office -- no moaning -- yet curiously sly, making me feel like I'm doing something I shouldn't be doing, even though I'm just listening to music. Bow chicka bow wow.


From the New York Observer comes the cold reality of a post-IPO Internet company. You've heard about it plenty already, but this is an easy and poignant read on and other dotcoms that went public and are now falling apart.

Maybe I'm bitter that I didn't make millions. Or maybe I'm just happy that I didn't get screwed.


June 20, 2000

Something in the WWWAC list, which I am on, overloaded my in-box and knocked out my company's email server today.

This is funny when one remembers that I singlehandedly knocked out my previous employer's entire mail system for an afternoon a few years ago.


June 19, 2000

Monday navel-gazing: I wrote an email to a mailing list today that summed up my creative history so well, I added it to and redid most of my about page.


Swiping link ideas from Derek isn't all that clever, but as with his self-discovery, I am apparently fucking brilliant as well.

The web makes narcissism much more amusing than it should be.


June 16, 2000

My coworker today mused that a branded Slinky is the perfect piece of dotcom promotional swag: "Like the companies' valuations, it only goes down."


June 15, 2000

Urbanfetch now has a $10 minimum order policy. (This is mentioned in small print by the shopping cart but nowhere in the FAQs and help files.) This is probably a good move for profits' sake, but it also kills my inclination to order movies from them when I can swing by Blockbuster for a $3.99 rental.

I also haven't ordered a CD from Urbanfetch since they ended their two-for-$20 sale. That's what the Internet has done: exposed its users as a society of cheapskates.


June 14, 2000

Favorite evil quote of the day: "I had fun, in the same kind of way I have fun when I go bowling."


June 13, 2000

Delivering a cruel blow to easily titillated college students nationwide, Beaver College has decided to change its name. Interestingly, while the trustees seem to implicitly acknowledge the current slang of its name, no one has been contemporary enough to update Beaver's web site for the last five years.

My, the Ideapad has taken a turn to the risque this week.


June 12, 2000

Fun with scripts: RudeURL.


June 9, 2000

Rebecca links to an article on night owls having an internal clock longer than 24 hours. That helps explain why I can never get to bed before midnight. Maybe the researchers were inspired by the 28-hour day proposal.


June 8, 2000

One summer morning years ago, the band King's X performed a live breakfast at my local rock radio station. It was this ridiculous promotion at 8 in the morning or some such, and the band was decidedly tired, but it made for good radio, a melodic hard-rock band playing acoustic while a few dozen lucky winners nibbled on pastries and fruit.

Big fan that I was at the time, I taped it -- actually, I popped in a tape before I left for my summer job and had my mom flip it for me 45 minutes later -- and it came out pretty well, despite the band's collective hangover. I listened to it plenty.

This morning I had a King's X song stuck in my head, and when I jumped online to find a copy of it, I came across a King's X fan with a stack (can you call a batch of MP3 files a stack?) of their songs. Several were labeled "acoustic," which I thought would be somewhat office-friendly, so I grabbed them. And sure enough, I found myself listening to MP3s of the same concert I dubbed off the radio nearly a decade ago.

I love the Internet.


According to netWert is ranked #111711 out of 446219 domains in their database. Oh, the popularity! I need to wear my sunglasses more often.

I wonder how much spam I'm going to be subject to now that this dumb site has my email address.


June 7, 2000

I have nights from time to time where I won't have anything to do, or at least nothing I want to do, since doing nothing is always more appealing than organizing my computer desk or cleaning the bathtub, and I end up spending a few hours watching ballgames on my couch, which seems like a royal waste of time and brain cells until I consider the alternatives.


Geek note: This page's new links now open to TARGET="_blank" and not TARGET="_new," thereby giving a new window for each link, rather than one new window that keeps receiving clicks from this page. I don't think I have any hard-core readers that this will affect, but just in case.


June 5, 2000

Eric Bogosian: 31 Ejaculations. On Salon. Not for the faint-hearted, but none of Bogosian's work ever is.

If you're in New York City and enjoy this sort of thing (potent fictional realism, that is, not articles on ejaculation) you should also see Bogosian's Wake up and Smell the Coffee before it ends its limited run on June 11.


"Iraqis still think a bunker is something you want to be in." Is golf related to pacifism? Not when I three-putt, that's for sure.


Sunday's New York Times declared "Sex and the City" "just a swankier version of 'The Golden Girls.'" And once again I am content not to subscribe to HBO.


June 2, 2000

Meteorologist... or porn star? I got 17 out of 20 on the correspondent level but only 12 of 20 on Network Chair. I obviously don't watch enough televsision news. Or porn. (via cockybastard)


June 1, 2000

Dot-com dead pool: Fucked company.


The best comic strips you'll ever see. Sunday was "Peanuts" tribute day. The web site lets you pick and choose, but I recommend reading them all. (from Jeff -- thanks bro)


Dack kicks ass.

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