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May 31, 2000

"The soft launch will be Monday July 24th for beta with a live date of Monday August 21st., these dates are final and will not move."

With that came the abrupt end to my near-decisiveness about my summer vacation. I won't be going to Israel with Neal. Work beckons, and responsibility trumps eleven hot days in the Middle East.

I spent a full month debating whether I should go on the trip, and now that I can't, of course, I'm stuck in grass-is-greener mode, wishing I could go after all. Mildly ridiculous as it may be, it's awfully disappointing nonetheless.

Getting my job done right is obviously more important than going on a vacation I could take almost anytime (save for the companionship this particular trip would have). I probably won't regret it in the long run, and I'm going to make myself seriously busy in July around New York to make up for it.

Still, I am pouting pretty vigorously today.


May 30, 2000

Yeah Devils!


May 23, 2000

As important as knowing what to say and how to say it is when to not say anything at all.

Suffice to say I've had my share of all three aspects the last few days.


May 15, 2000

There is a direct and significant correlation between my mood, my productivity, and how much my hands hurt.


May 11, 2000

wert_d: She reeks of lilac
sheyne_yenta: Better than reeking of patchouli


May 10, 2000

I got aggravated by all the wrong things yesterday.


May 5, 2000

I love my brother.


I "learned a lesson" yesterday. Often, one learns a lesson by doing something terribly wrong; I just happened to stumble across one. So, as it is said, lesson learned. (No, it has nothing to do with my brother.)


I think I like these cryptic journal entries. Curious parties are welcome to probe for details at their leisure. (Sorry, disclosure not guaranteed. Void where prohibited.)


May 3, 2000

Having a good hair day can be so psychologically empowering.


May 2, 2000

My life is an amazing culture clash of the ordinary and the spectacularly wacky.

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