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  • Countering the article I linked to re K-Rock: WHTZ, the good ol' pop station, is #2 in this market, and it caters to the tween-and-teen crowd just like it did when I was that age. Although it's not a good sign that the station I like, WRXP, is doing worse than K-Rock, which is getting yanked (maybe RXP will inherit some listeners)
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  • K-Rock is becoming "Now FM." I wonder if it will do as well as Jack did before they brought CBS-FM back. There's room in New York for rock radio, by the way; it just has to not play the saaaame soooong allll daaaay
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On landing a job

How to Get Hired on aiaio, the Ai blog.
I have long been an observer, commentator and course-corrector when it comes to job interviews. Many moons ago I published a series of job-hunt best practices in this space. Titled “Interdon’t,” many of my pointers are just as relevant today as they were a decade ago.
I am continually amazed by the flagrant violations of basic job-search protocol. Among the things I’ve seen the past two weeks:

  • Cover letters with our company name in a different font, copy-pasted
  • Saying “this position is a great fit” while having a background in, say, high finance
  • Chatty letters with no resumes attached
  • Emailed resumes with no accompanying text at all

People expect to (and do) land work like this? How? I suppose they’re hired by people with similar approaches, but that’s not me.
Anyway, read the two links above if you’re looking for a job, and good luck in your search.

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