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December 2006

The year in cities 2006
December 23, 2006 +
Having done this last year, I'm presenting another summary of my travels for the year. As per Kottke, destinations with multiple visits are denoted with an asterisk.

New York, NY * (home base)
Livingston, NJ *
New City, NY *
Palisades, NY *
Santa Barbara, CA
Paris, France *
Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
Lake George, NY
Chicago, IL
Hyannis, MA
Nantucket, MA
Edgartown, MA
Rockport, MA
Ann Arbor, MI
Atlanta, GA
London, England
Longboat Key, FL
West Palm Beach, FL

If only my wife were a blogger: her list would include most of mine, plus stays in Baja California, Alesund, Norway, and multiple cities in China.

December 6, 2006 +
Wordie. Wordie! It's not Werty but hey.

A few summers after I got my nickname I attended camp with a kid who spent the entire seven weeks asking me to spell stuff. I figured he knew I was sixth grade spelling bee champ or something. It wasn't until the second to last day of camp that I realized he thought my nickname was "Wordy" and that he assumed I was a word genius (or something).

November 2006



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